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Moon-swept Cuddles by SlateHeart Moon-swept Cuddles :iconslateheart:SlateHeart 97 13


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This is my oc- Aphid6.0

Gender: Female
Species: Cat cyborg
Age: 4 years
Strength compared to a bullet shot 1-10: 8.4
Looks: She has 1/4 of her face robotic with red wires on her head, body, and legs. She has light metal wings with rubber to make her fly if needed. She has 2 robotic legs and has long fur.
Backstory: Aphid 6.0 was a series of cyborgs created to help in the war but she had some kind of dysfunction. She was programmed to act normal a cute, but when heard the command "Locked" she switched into battle mode. What happened was that the information transferred to her broke down, and the electric shocks to her brain made her insane. She is fearless and determined, but will also make light of any situation with her dark humor and the general way she acts could classify her as insane.  
Laurence #FlyingPings
Hello FlyingPings, if you are reading this can you draw my oc Laurence!

Here is a drawing of my OC Laurence (Yes I know its a name from Aphmau's series but they are not related)

Here is his bio:
He was born a blind stray from a wolf mother and a dog father, though he never considered himself a stray due to his puny size.
He was always happy, never had a reason not to be. He lived his life mainly in the forest but he did enjoy the company of humans from time to time. When he was an elder, he met a little kid out in the forest alone named Windy and he made it his job to care for her but he only got to stay with her 6 months before passing away peacefully of old age. 
But then when he joined the afterlife he was given a rare chance by the devil himself- To come back to life and live forever, never to die again or to join the heavens and live in peace for the rest of time. He knew he swore to himself to care for the child for as long as he could. He took the deal from the devil and cared for her her whole life, always at her side. He was depressed when she passed away but he knew she would live happily in the heavens while he took care of her grand daughter and the generations of her family to come. Currently he is 3,421 years old.

Gender: Male
Species: Wolf-dog
Age: 3,421
Eyes: Blind-milky white

Gender: Female
Species: Human-Black/African American
Age: (Preferred to be drawn in her 20's)
Height: 5'11
Looks: She is lengthy with a pale brown skin and amber eyes with freckles. She usually wears a tattered dark red shirt and blue gene shorts with a lighter red scarf and muddy boots. She has a scar over her left eye and has long dark brown hair- her main choice of weapon is a katana blade 
Nova ( #FlyingPings )
Hello! I hope you draw this Flying Pings :)

This is my new OC Maggie, or commonly known as Nova.
Bio: She was born on a planet much like Earth named Cerium (S-E-re-um) many years ago, to be more exact, 4,692,237 years ago. She was born to a mother much like a dog-bird hybrid while her father was more a dragon-dog hybrid. These two breeds of creatures were an uncommon pairing making their daughter, Maggie more looked down upon. Though every since birth, many were amazed by her unique looks. She was both bullied and praised for her design. Maggie always worked twice as hard to prove herself, working to not be good in one area, but all areas. She could hunt, gather, build, destroy, heal, and kill. She was later named the 'Balance Queen' because if she could do one thing, she could balance it out with the opposite. She was neither completely good nor completely bad. During her life she made a big name for herself, so after she passed on she became known as the 'Balance Goddess'. She was thought to balance everything on Cerium from life and death to good and bad.
Name: Maggie, though for an unknown reason, she was called Nova
Sex: Female
Age: She lived 62 years, which in humans years is around 97
Design: Base color tan with red ears, chest, tail tip, and legs with brown wings, horns, and spikes. She has one bird like wing and one dragon like wing. She has amber eyes and is about 3 quarters of a meter tall.
Eve Is A Cutie!
Some info about her

Name: Eve
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years 6 months
Species: Cat or dog (preferably cat)
Mate/Husband: None
Disabilities: Bad eyesight
Good abilities: Amazing hearing
Personality: She is shy around new people but a total blast to be around close friends.
Backstory: She was born a single child, her parents were very loving. She was gifted a magical scarf that was supposed to enhance her senses but it backfired and gave her bad eyesight, but did enhance her hearing. Her parents were devastated with themselves, making sure Eve lived the best life she could, and she did. When she got old enough she ventured away from her parents to make a journey for herself.

Universe: Much like Earth but with magic and animals who have more intelligence than their Earth equivalent. 

I was very tired when I made this :P
Brook My OC
This is my little Brook ^w^

Gender: Female
Species: Dog
Mate: None
Hobby: Causing mischief to things  smaller than her, running threw the grass/snow, being weird
Good Traits: Loyal, funny, happy go lucky, loves singing, she stands up for people close to her, she will laugh off hate she gets, makes friends easily
Bad Traits: She doesn't tell people things that bug her, she is not open to people, anti-social, she can get angry easily, she is food picky, she will hold a grudge, she doesn't trust anyone or anything easily, she is super anxious
Neutral traits: Can act crazy, she usually doesn't take the opportunity to be in charge, likes to be alone sometimes

Backstory: She was born on a hard wiry floor and the first thing that she was was a small cage with 3 other siblings and her mother. She was surrounded by other dogs and the only thing she heard was barking and yapping. Three months of living, she and one of her brothers were adopted and brought to a nice home made of wood walls and soft floors. She was treated the best she could have been, dealing with 2 toddlers in the house, but everytime she was let out for a walk, the wild called her, so the first moment she had a chance to leave, she bolted to the forest. The people she lived with soon got in their car, shaking her treats, but Brook didn't fall for it. She made her own den and learned the ways of the forest quickly. She had a long way away to go to master anything though.

Random facts:
She is bisexual
Winter is her favorite time of year
She was born on May 1st
She's a rebel
She might be slowly descending to insanity
She talks to herself
She's scared of the dark
She likes foxes
She is most itchy on the nose


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I am young and I love animals! I spend much time on my computer and my favorite game is Animal Jam. I love to draw (obviously) and now that I can show my art to the public, i'm happy!


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